New game equipment setting – The Boson Dart

Initially lost to me (due to the red haze) – and lost to everyone else because most every gaming site in the world was too lazy to look past the juicy jab at Rick Moranis – is the fact that we know a name for one of the weapons equipment settings (I prefer that – remember, a proton pack isn’t a toy, but nor is it a weapon. It’s a tool, if you have the talent) – the Boson Dart (not the “Boston Dart“, as one site incorrectly copied.) That’s, like, a moth or something.

Aykroyd went so far as to change names of weapons, “He changed things like the Proton Torpedo to the Boson Dart because he thought the original sounded too ‘Star Trek‘.”

Well, he’s not alone. And hooray for Boson beams! So, we’re talking about, what…? Gluons? As long as they zap nicely.

1/6th scale Proton Pack for sale

Nick-o-tron at has created a 1/6th scale proton pack resin kit (1/6th scale is about 12″ GI Joe scale, for those wondering) and is offering them for sale. The packs look fantastic when assembled, and start at approximately $70US plus shipping (the price drops when you buy more than one pack.)

Yes, it’s true…

…these men have no dicks. Well, that’s what I heard.

Seriously though – observe a lesson in being too cool for school. As Chad spotted over at, Kotaku (the gaming wing of the Gawker network of blogs, infamous for their remarkable snark to effort ratio) contacted Sierra to find out why Rick Moranis wasn’t going to be voicing Louis Tully in the Ghostbusters video game.

The brief to the point of flippant Sierra response;

He made so much money off of Honey I Shrunk The Kids that he retired. He just doesn’t want to work anymore.

The snarky to the point of dickitude Kotaku analysis;

Oh. Well. Good for you, Rick Moranis.

Which then turns into a Rick Moranis-bashing free-for-all in the comments. Unfair, and uncool. While the Sierra rep is correct, I can only hope he said much more than that, and that Kotaku cut it down to size, making it seems so glib. If only someone had thought to, you know, maybe ask Rick why he would or would not do Louis Tully every again. Oh wait, someone did. And it’s a lot deeper an answer than “He’s rich and doesn’t want to work.”

[UPDATE] Sorry, Kotaku didn’t talk Sierra, Das Gamer did. They were just reposting and snarking. Like they do. But still… tacky.

I heart Gary Owens

Big thanks to Lanny D. Crepit for spotting this YouTube vid of the commercial ABC used back in the 80s to promote their showing of Ghostbusters. The narration by 80s stalwart, Gary Owens, is priceless.

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