Variety: Activision not publishing GB game, helping with options

Variety is reporting that Sony has released a statement that the Ghostbusters game will be published in 2009 to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original film, which also gives them time to explore various options for its distribution. Activision Blizzard is said to be helping explore those options with Sony. This doesn’t preclude Activision or a subsidiary being involved in the end, but it does help confirm that the game is pushed back. No word on any delay in the Blu-ray release. Cheers up. The game will see the light of day and appropriately as part of the anniversary.

[UPDATE] Thank you to Mr. Green who sent along this link to a Kotaku article – they just got a preview burn of the game, but it’s impossible to tell if it was sent prior to the Activision announcement or after (which would then help suggest if the disc was sent as part of an old PR plan, or as a post-release PR plan to keep the hype going.) The disc was burnt on the 16th of July, so it feels like it was sent prior to everything shuffling – but, it does mean we’ll see more details on the current state of the game soon.

And a big thanks to Mr. Troy, who scanned the Variety article, for those of us who don’t read the Hollywood trades every day.

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Previews solicits IDW Ghostbusters #1

Diamond’s Previews catalog is soliciting orders for the first issue of IDW’s new Ghostbusters series, The Other Side, and lists it as due late October. For those not wanting to miss out, or take your chances at finding one on the shelves, now is the time to talk to your local comic shop.

Egon Spengler! Ray Stantz! Winston Zeddemore! Peter Venkman! The original Ghostbusters return in an all-new, four-part Ghostbusters story from IDW! Writer Keith Champagne (Green Lantern Corp, The Flash) is joined by artist Andy Smith in this new Ghostbusters saga. When the Ghostbusters capture a group of ghostly crooks, they unknowingly run afoul of a gang comprised of the spirits of some of America’s most legendary gangsters. Dead or alive, the mafia knows exactly how to deal with a problem like the Ghostbusters: rub ’em out! • 32 PGS, FC.

Greg Miller as ghostbusters fan 1984-2008

The world of gaming press and Ghostbusters fandom lost a real fanboy yesterday when IGN reporter Greg Miller pretend-ended his own life over the news that Activision was pondering the future placement of several in-production titles, including Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Greg the fan leaves behind an office of giggling co-workers, a dog (we assume) named Portillo, three overdue reviews, and a hole in our hearts. See the not-at-all gruesome video here.

Ghostbusters – universal pop culture

I’ve been listen to a lot of British radio comedy, and I was amused to hear how often Ghostbusters is referenced by the current vanguard of UK yuks – In this case, Bill Bailey (Black Books, Spaced) sucker-punches the audience with a slow burner of some word play on the 99p Challenge (a radio panel game, kind of a half-written, half-improved comedy quiz show) and Peter Serafinowicz (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead) gets a series of bizarre references off in The Two Danny’s (a radio spoof of British comedy/variety TV shows.) In case you’re wondering, and I’m sure you are, Egon Ronay was a famous food guide writer in the 50s. I’ve left in a minute or so of the 99p challenge, as lead-in and context.

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