GBHQ shutters message board

In the relatively short period time between me leaving the office and getting home today, something had gone terribly wrong at Ghostbusters Headquarters – it turns out the messageboard had taken up all the space it possibly could, interfering with its own operation and the operation of Troy’s other sites.

Having marched West ages ago, Troy announced that he’s shutting down the board and leaving the domain in placeholder mode – sad news to see one of the oldest GB sites and messageboards calling it a day, but as Troy himself puts it, it’s time for GB to be less job-like, and these days his web space priorities lie elsewhere (check it out and buy double copies), making it necessary to reclaim space from the HQ. You can’t fault a guy for wanting to kick back and relax after more than a decade of dedicated IT service to GB fans everywhere.

To the guy who always had a cooler computer than me, a glum salute from Proton Charging. Everybody feel free to show your love in the comments.

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