Wii screens!

I get lots of stuff in the mail – LOTS! Like these Wii screenshots. I’ve got a lot more and a big thanks to Timo for sharing them. However, I’m not sure where they’re from yet (I’m waiting for Timo to get back to me on that.) Sometimes it’s just helpful to know where they came from, so I can try and track down copies (or better copies – as Timo admits, they’re a little fuzzy) – but more importantly it’s a matter of giving their source credit. So, I’m going to hold on to the bulk of the pictures, in bigger format, but here are a select few awesomes. Regardless, stay tuned – I expect we’ll see a lot more Wii/PS2, and dare I hope, DS pictures soon.

gb wii

[UPDATE] Ah ha! They’re from the German gaming magazine, N-Zone! Nice. Though it’s funny that the Wii version of the New Recruit has a bit of Real Ghostbusters Egon hair. Thanks again to Timo for sending them in. Everyone should keep an eye out for their favorite Nintento magazine – if one gaming mag has pictures, the rest will likely be publishing more or similar shortly!

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