Family Guy cards include one-of-a-kind Ghostbusters card

It’s a brilliant idea for selling cards – for every one box of card packs, Inkworks randomly inserted a hand-drawn card, created by one of 13 comics artists. The variety is amazing (click here for five pages of samples – and simple math will tip you off that there are hundreds more out there), but the prize catch is this Peter Griffin as Ghostbuster card by Chris Moreno (which sold for $150 on ebay – yowza!)

Thanks to Justis for the heads up – man, if only we had $150 lying around, eh?

[UPDATE] Good grief – A look at the first series, which also featured these sketch cards, had 6,340 of them, drawn by 14 artists. Some artists did over 500 cards each! And you can see them all here. Let’s hope they put all the series 2 cards up as well, so we can see if they did any more Ghostbuster cards (maybe not, but hey… maybe.)

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