Yet another look at manga Ghostbusters

Maximo V. Lorenzo has posted a sampling of art from his story in the Ghostbusters Tokyopop book – click here to see the larger version.

And for those who were wondering, the cover we saw before is the cover of the final book, it appears – though the colouring was not complete last we saw it. Again, thanks to the magic of DeviantArt (and one John Yurcaba – ta very much, man) we can see the finished colouring on the cover, and the black and white original, by MetalHanzo (we’re not sure which artist that is yet.) Winston was smoking in the first version, and they took it out!

Maximo makes a comment on his page suggests that Tokyopop has the license to Ghostbusters, but not the likenesses of the original actors, or the characters as they appear in the Real Ghostbusters cartoon – the artists were given the leeway to make them similar, but they had to look different.

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