Ghostbusters #1 4th of July blockbuster ever?

According to the St. Petersburg Times (Florida), yes. Which is odd, because it wasn’t released on the 4th of July long weekend. And it’s overall box office take doesn’t rival, say, Independence Day. But what makes it #1 is that it dominated the 4th of July weekend in 1984, as well as the weeks leading up to it, and the weeks following. Ghostbusters was THE blockbuster movie of 1984.

In its fifth week of release, Bill Murray’s comedy still sold $11.1-million in holiday weekend tickets (around $25-million at today’s prices). Ghostbusters stayed on top for seven consecutive weeks, was bumped aside by Purple Rain for a week, then reclaimed No. 1 in August.

Six weeks later Ghostbusters was rereleased and again topped the chart, heading toward a final tally of $238.6-million — a whopping $486-million at today’s ticket prices. We’ll probably never again witness such box office longevity in an era attuned to opening weekend bonanzas.


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