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A quick one this time (and a request, no less) – some of the larger sequences are big undertakings! But this one is pretty straight forward.

Our favorite wannabe, Louis, is running to catch a bus, which is just located off the corner of East 75th and 1st Ave (practically around the corner from Dana’s apartment and carriage chase.)

In one single shot, we can make out a restaurant name on a blue awning, “The Wicked Wolf.” We can also see a street sign with “E. 75th” on it. And sure enough, there is a Wicked Wolf on East 75th street. The awning is now red, painted over the restaurant name, but we can still see the end of a second sign, above the awning, that is still there – we can make out the words “Bar and Restaurant” – Also, the neon rimmed clock can also still be seen.

And as a bonus treat, in the background, you can see the Slimer driven bus Louis will soon board. It’s not powered up, but rather parked where it was assumed you wouldn’t see it as the camera focuses on Louis running along!

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