The Proton Charging-80s Tees Big Ass Contest

While the last contest here at PC was more for fun and to clear out our old stock of buttons (in order to make way for new ones) this one’s stepping things up a bit – has graciously provided Proton Charging with a selection of shirts (and even a pair of boxer shorts) to give away, and I’ve gone one step further – I’ve done a little archive cleaning and dug up a whole lotta stuff I’m going to add to the pile. The end result is that I’m going to build a few prize packs, consisting of some portion of the following;

-80s Tees GB t-shirts
-80s Tees GB boxer shorts
-A copy of Ghostbusters: The Return (currently selling for $200US, used)
-A full set of Ghostbusters: Legion comics with the Dan Brereton covers
-A full set of the Ghostbusters: Legion Steve Kurth covers
-The Bulldog Collectibles alternate cover from Ghostbuster: Legion
-The alternate cover from Ghostbusters: Legion
-A Hook and Ladder 8 station badge (featuring the No-Ghost)
-Issue #1 and 2 of The Real Ghostbusters
-The Ghostbusters Movie Storybook
-The Ghostbusters 2 Movie Storybook
-Various Starlog, MAD, Real Ghostbusters magzine
-A Ghostbusters 2 poster book

And that’s just the print archives combed – I haven’t gotten to the other boxes yet, so I’m hoping to be able to toss in some Ghostbusters 2 CDs and other GB/GB2/RGB knick-knacks. Not every prize pack will have each and every one of those items, but given all those items, each pack will still have lots in it.

How Can You Win?

Easy – Help more people find out about Proton Charging, so we can help them keep up to speed on all things Ghostbusters.

-Make a PC poster and take it to a con. Get it and your picture taken with someone famous. (5-10 points – photo evidence important.)
-Make some keen PC Live Journal, MSN, AIM icons and avatars, animated or still. Make a Proton Charging user bar for people to use in their messageboard signature. (1 point each, make as many as you want.)
-Tweet your follow-list on Twitter. (3 points per 100 followers – they don’t have to follow PC, you just have to tweet them and let me know.)
-Surprise me (I will be awarding arbitrary points based on awesomeness.)

And to help me keep track, when you send in your efforts, add “PC Big Ass Contest” to the subject line, so I won’t miss it.


Your Work

Your efforts are your work – Proton Charging retains its rights on the Fire No-Ghost logo – please do not alter the logo (other than taking out that yellow band in the fire – that was a mistake), or if you do alter it, it must be as part of a transition ending with the unaltered logo.

Of course Sony/Columbia-TriStar/etc. retain their individual rights as well, but the works you create are your own to reuse elsewhere as you like. Proton Charging will get to share your work with others. Your materials and the PC Ghost Logo are subject to a Creative Commons license;

Creative Commons License

This work by Ghostheads is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
In order to be attributed, please include the name you want attached (real or internet nick) in the file name.

In the event of dispute (such as a points tie or other) I flip a coin and everybody enjoys the swag they get.

The Proton Charging text logo is Impact (no, I can’t give you a copy. Sorry.)
The Proton Charging colour palette is;

Red #8F2E2D
Grey #D2CECC
Blue #D2CECC
Green-tan #C6C779

All other materials are yours to create or find (steer clear of materials from the video game, manga, or other GB licensed goods – I will have to discount those.) Good luck!

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