Newsarama on Tokyopop Ghostbusters

Newsarama has a big piece up on the Tokyopop Ghostbusters manga book we’ve been following for awhile now. Check it out. Thanks to JP for the spot.

TokyoPop editor Bryce Coleman still thinks fondly of the first two Ghostbusters films from the 80s and says that the franchise still appeals to him even to this day. “I think it’s the same reason it appeals to any fan of the films. The magic formula of scares and laughs. Not that anything in either of the movies is what you would consider truly frightening, but you’ve got classic monster movie images of ghosts and animated corpses and monsters,” he told Newsarama. “And they did it all with reverence for that genre at a very high technical level for the time. The visuals are fantastic and still hold up today. And then you’ve got classic Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd at top form. Some of the best of that 80’s era comedy. Put it all together and you’ve got absolute geek ambrosia. At least that’s my opinion.

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