Ernie Hudson talks movie role, video game

The big news today is an interview with Ernie Hudson at Eurogamer – he shares some details about his work on the game and the movie. The big news part is his confirmation that the role of Winston used to be much larger before he was hired – this might presumably be because the role was originally intended for the other king of movie comedies at the time, Eddie Murphy. There has always been some question of what the role would have been like when they had Murphy in mind, and the answer is “larger.” He also talks about not being a gamer, but that his kids give the game a thumbs-up.

He doesn’t pretend to be a huge gamer. “But my sons, they’re really into games,” Hudson says. “So when they asked me to do the voiceover for the game, one of my boys came with me. He played it and he really liked it a lot. He was very impressed with it.”

Thanks to JP for the tip.

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