Infernal tech demo – best look yet at Ghostbusters video game!

Mark Randel, head boss at Terminal Reality, narrates three tech demo clips just recently posted to YouTube – this is as from-the-horses-mouth as it gets. Mark shows off a number of features of their Infernal Engine, so this representative of the Xbox360/PC/PS3 versions. All three clips can be accessed here as a playlist. Enjoy! Andreas, Das ist fett, mein Freund. Danke!

– This is running on the PS3
– New Equipment Setting! Meson Collider! (remember, the basic is a “Positron Collider”)
– A look at terrain destruction (blows up a statue)
– Crowd herding is shown.
– A quick pass of the Ecto-1B (their hybrid Ecto design)
– Show a ghost catch and trap.
– Crowd demo of 1000 people milling about independently – then they panic when Stay Puft shows up!
– Fantastic – just under 10 minutes of footage all told.

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