G4’s Ghostbusters demo preview online!

Associate producer from Sierra, Ryan French stopped by the G4 E3 studio to show off the game – lots of great stuff! And more to come!

-Big point, you don’t earn points in the game, you earn money, which you can use to pay for your new equipment upgrades, but doing damage to the environment can cost you and the city. You can see the money coming in and going out in the footage.
– HA! And Ryan makes a point of calling it “equipment” not “weapons”! YAY!
– Comic Con will feature more, exciting news about multiplayer, but Ryan does confirm different multiplayer games for each SKU.

Anthony has a bigger, slightly longer, clip of the segment (complete with the Ghostbusters segue beforehand) that you can see here. You can also find a link to the high rez version of the clip as well. Thanks Anthony!

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