Ghostbusters video game E3 trailer and screenshots!

E3 is in full swing, but you’re not missing out – PC has the E3 trailer! And more! I’ll get to the more – check out the video first (high quality QT and WMV versions after the jump.)

Video Loading…

Now bring on the pictures!

E3 “Greatest Threat” trailer

Quicktime Low (10M)
Quicktime High (18M)
Quicktime HD 360p (31M)
Quicktime HD 780p (104M)
Windows Media Low (15M)
Windows Media High (9M)

Screenshots – Xbox
Library Ghost
Outside Library
Basement Storm
Basement Clean-up
Wielder of the PKE

Screenshots – Wii
Book Soldier
Basement Clean-up
Book Monster

Sceenshots – Trailer HD
Whoops – Tire decal backwards
Roof Rack
Dr. Spengler
Dr. Stantz
Rookie Ryan
Shotgun Burst
Heat Em Up
Katamari Demonic
Nice shootin’ Ray

And yes, for those of you that caught the G4 demo exclusive – Sierra Associate Producer Ryan French wasn’t kidding… he actually is the model for Rookie (or an uncanny resemblance.)

(“corn fed” hee hee)

But for all of those good pics and all that good video, the most interesting part of the E3 trailer is at the very end – nested in amoung about a dozen logos sits Vivendi Gaming Mobile. Ghostbusters the video game on your phone? iPhone perhaps? All delicious speculation, but an interesting thought.

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