G4 footage, without all the jibber-jabber

(Well, less jibber-jabber. Those people get paid to talk, after all – but it’s not as much as from the E3 special.)

G4 has the Ghostbusters footage we saw last week in their E3 show with Associate Producer Ryan French, but without everyone talking over it, so you get a nice listen to the in-game chatter, including Bill Murray and his freshly recorded lines.

Video One

Thanks to Mr. Gill for the links – I wasn’t in a rush to post these, but I think Paul’s head was going to explode all over the PC comments in excitement if I didn’t.

[UPDATE] I don’t know what went wrong with G4 today, but I’ve found better, more direct link for the main video. Paul. There’s a link button at the bottom of the videos – please use it if you want to send in the other two videos as well.

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