SDCC Ghostbusters game – demo controls

While they shouldn’t be considered final, Lucas sent in this pic of the demo controls for the Ghostbusters game. At this stage, they are if nothing else, a really good hint of what the final controls will be, as well as hint as some of the equipment setting features. Thanks, Lucas.

Capture Stream/Alternate Fire (only with proton stream weapons) – Left Button
Secondary Weapon Fire – Left Trigger
Primary Weapon – Right Trigger
Vent Proton Pack – Right Button
PKE Meter/Goggles – Y Button
Deploy Containment Trap – X Button
Jump – B Button
Use/Interact – A Button
Pause/Game Options – Start
Rotate Camera – Right Stick
Xbox Guide Buttons – Xbox Button
Directional Pad – D-Pad
Move – Left Stick
Proton Stream – D-Pad Up
Plasm Distribution System – D-Pad Down
Dark Matter Generator – D-Pad Left
Composite Particle System – D-Pad Right

This is also semi-official confirmation of the game controls as scooped in the OXM article last month – don’t forget, OXM’s interview with Ryan French is tomorrow on Xbox Insider. Don’t miss it!

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