Activision makes announcement – calm down

Activision announced today that it is streamlining it’s publishing portfolio and “realigning” two of their subsidiary studios, Radical Entertainment and High Moon Studios, while pondering what to do with two others.

The absence of any mention of Ghostbusters: The Video Game immediately had the gaming press speculating that’s future was at risk. But that’s speculation. Here’s some speculation;

Four of the five properties that we are keeping will be wholly owned properties that further bolster our strong brand portfolio,” said Mike Griffith, CEO of Activision Publishing. “We are very excited to add such recognizable and successful brands as Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age and Spyro, which reinforce our leadership position in movie-based and family entertainment video games.”

It’s just as easy to speculate that the following statement means that Ghostbusters is the fifth property they’re retaining, which certainly fits their agenda of retaining and building upon strong movie-based properties. It’s just not as exciting, nor does it get gaming websites as many hits (note that their headlines say it’s been axed, but the articles say it’s in “limbo”. Classy.)

So, as usual here at PC, until someone official says, “Ghostbusters has been axed!”, I’ll relax. And even if someone did, neither the IP nor the developers are tied to Activision – they would be free to find a new publisher (and a largely complete product with a high profile brand attached to it isn’t a hard sell.)

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