More perspective on Activision press release

Let’s hear it for real gaming journalism – the Original Xbox Magazine did the sensible thing, and actually asked Activision for clarifiction;

“First and foremost, the game is not cancelled,” says our Activision spokesguy. As for the future, “The company is reviewing its options regarding those titles that it will not be publishing.” (We bet he says that to all the media outlets.)

So, to clarify: The statement never said the game was canned, only that Activision was choosing not to publish it under the Activision Publishing banner. It will likely be sold to another publisher, or maybe published by one company and distributed by Activision (much like the three-way dev/pub/dist deals on Guitar Hero and Rock Band). Hey, Activision could even create a new brand for all its movie-game licenses (Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda, James Bond) and do it not under Activision Publishing but as Activision Cinema or Activision Flix or something. You never know.

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