More Than A Costume – an SDCC mini-doc about costumers

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Bryan Fear, back from the congested floors of the San Diego Comic Con, send in a heads up about this mini-documentary (four minutes – an easy watch) about the people who spend a lot of time and money building costumes specifically for the con. The piece heavily features our West Coast favs, the WCBs.

Bryan was also nice enough to answers a few questions and also came back a font of interesting info; Continue reading “More Than A Costume – an SDCC mini-doc about costumers”

More perspective on Activision press release

Let’s hear it for real gaming journalism – the Original Xbox Magazine did the sensible thing, and actually asked Activision for clarifiction;

“First and foremost, the game is not cancelled,” says our Activision spokesguy. As for the future, “The company is reviewing its options regarding those titles that it will not be publishing.” (We bet he says that to all the media outlets.)

So, to clarify: The statement never said the game was canned, only that Activision was choosing not to publish it under the Activision Publishing banner. It will likely be sold to another publisher, or maybe published by one company and distributed by Activision (much like the three-way dev/pub/dist deals on Guitar Hero and Rock Band). Hey, Activision could even create a new brand for all its movie-game licenses (Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda, James Bond) and do it not under Activision Publishing but as Activision Cinema or Activision Flix or something. You never know.

Activision makes announcement – calm down

Activision announced today that it is streamlining it’s publishing portfolio and “realigning” two of their subsidiary studios, Radical Entertainment and High Moon Studios, while pondering what to do with two others.

The absence of any mention of Ghostbusters: The Video Game immediately had the gaming press speculating that’s future was at risk. But that’s speculation. Here’s some speculation;

Four of the five properties that we are keeping will be wholly owned properties that further bolster our strong brand portfolio,” said Mike Griffith, CEO of Activision Publishing. “We are very excited to add such recognizable and successful brands as Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age and Spyro, which reinforce our leadership position in movie-based and family entertainment video games.”

It’s just as easy to speculate that the following statement means that Ghostbusters is the fifth property they’re retaining, which certainly fits their agenda of retaining and building upon strong movie-based properties. It’s just not as exciting, nor does it get gaming websites as many hits (note that their headlines say it’s been axed, but the articles say it’s in “limbo”. Classy.)

So, as usual here at PC, until someone official says, “Ghostbusters has been axed!”, I’ll relax. And even if someone did, neither the IP nor the developers are tied to Activision – they would be free to find a new publisher (and a largely complete product with a high profile brand attached to it isn’t a hard sell.)

Newsarama has interview with IDW Ghostbusters scribe

Thanks to JP for emailing me earlier today – don’t normally pay attention to my email much on Sunday’s, but I’m glad I did today. Newsarama has an interview with Keith Champagne, writer on the new IDW Ghostbusters mini-series, The Other Side.

NRAMA: Were you a fan of the movie?

KC: I think the first Ghostbusters movie is one of the greatest comedies of all time. The second movie… maybe not. But it has some great moments sprinkled throughout.

That’s a pretty good way to start an interview – be sure to check out the rest of it.

MTV nabs first look at new IDW Ghostbusters comic

MTV got themselves an awesome first look at some of the covers from IDWs Ghostbusters: The Other Side. As well, they had a chance to talk to writer Keith Champagne and artist Tom Nguyen about the book, which is set immediately after the second movie. The spooks the Ghostbusters face in the four-part series are some familiar names, historically speaking;

make that old boogeymen, Champagne explained in an interview with MTV News, revealing that the first issue would see bad guys made out of wise guys. “Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Seigal, Meyer Lansky, and Al Capone,” Champagne wrote. “Ghosts [that] were the types of guys that — while alive — weren’t shy about hitting first.”

Ghostbusters versus mobsters (living and dead) is a popular idea, having been covered in both the cartoons and comics. And the Ghostbusters AS ghosts has also been touched on from time to time – but never in a PG-13 format.

Check out the whole article for more of the interview and large size pics of the covers (not to be missed.)

[UPDATE] CBR has the covers without watermarking, for those interested.