SDCC RGB DVD FLV! (aka Comic Com Real Ghostbusters Trailer)

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If you were watching all the photos coming out of Comic Con the other week, you may have noticed some TV screens at the Ghostbusters booth showing a trailer for the Real Ghostbusters DVD – well, here it is! Short, but sweet, the trailer hypes the key points of the set, shows the familiar opening titles, and includes a clip of story-lead, J. Michael Straczynski.

Time-Life is taking pre-orders on the set, at 10% off, until September 1st, so that’s less than a month to jump on that offer. Currently only US buyers and Canadian buyers shipping to a US address can order online – I’m trying to find out as many options as possible, but for the moment, those are the two sure-fire ways to get your hands on this DVD collection.

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