Newsarama sits down with Tokyopop Ghostbusters crew

Newsarama has fired off a series of questions to the writers and artists working on the Tokyopop Ghostbusters book, due this fall. Read the whole interview here. Big thanks to JP for the spot.

Newsarama: Matt, can you give a brief description of some of the stories you have written for this book?

MY: Well, the stories all focus on life in New York. So, we’ve got the team battling the ghost of a dead theater critic. There’s also a story about a possessed fashion designer and her line of hunted haute couture.

You’ve got a great mix of old and new. We’ve tried to capture the characters and the essence of the story, but the ideas are funny and fresh. Same with the artwork. And it’s a great fit for manga because you have these supernatural forces and entities but you also need clever characterization and dialogue. TokyoPop has experience blending these elements effectively because many of our titles have that same mix of the unreal and the everyday. I guess TokyoPop is trying to capture the essence by hiring me and Nate [Johnson], who have the same kind of Second City sketch comedy background as Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis.

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