Cover to #2 of IDW’s GB: The Other Side

Dave, our favorite Art Monkey, sent in this image (link has full sized scan) of the cover for the second issue of Ghostbusters: The Other Side, which is being solicited now, or will be shortly – I’m not sure. Call your local comic shop.

Whacked! After inadvertently crossing a ghost mafia made up of the most notorious gangsters in history, three of the original Ghostbusters find themselves on the wrong end of a Tommy gun! Dead before their time and consigned to Purgatory, can the gang somehow find their way back to the land of the living?
Plus, what happened to Venkman?

Bullet holes and being transparent can only mean one thing; the Ghostbusters are dead!

OK, the gravestone was a bit of a giveaway as well. And yeah, were’s Venkman?

Thanks to Dave and Twilight Comics (St. Louis? Technically Shiloh , Il, according to Dave – 15mins away) for the cool find. You think after all this time, MY comic shop guy would think to send me a cover like that.

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