Confirmed: Activision not publishing Ghostbusters

Thanks to all of you that sent in email. Here’s the break-down. As we’ve known for awhile, Activision was considering what to do with the Ghostbusters video game. One possibility was that they come to terms with Sony and publish it, otherwise, they said, they would work with Sony to unload the project to date and find it a new home.

Well, judging from to Activision’s contact with retail outlets, and their contact with anybody that pre-ordered the game, they have officially passed on being the game’s publisher.

From GameStop;

“Activision blizzard has decided not to publish the ghostbusters game originally scheduled to release in October. For this reason, we have canceled the title in our systems.”

So, this just leaves them working with Sony to find it a new home.

I know that a lot of you will interpret this as a new chapter in the saga, and be mad – this is part of the last chapter. This was always the most likely possibility, as it is a move typical when one company takes over the assets of another. I know most of you don’t believe me when I say that their interest in helping it find a new home is a big deal, but could everyone please try not and abuse the PC comments system. Giant rants are best left to one of the community’s fine messageboards (links on the left.)

Anybody want to start a pool on where the game ends up?

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