Aykroyd recycling GB3 script for game?

James attended Collectormania Glasgow this weekend, and sat in on a Q&A with Ernie Hudson. According to James, when asked about the upcoming game, Hudson mentioned that Winston is now a Doctor in his own right – which means Dan Aykroyd has been lifting bits from his original Ghostbusters 3 script. If I recall correctly, Winston studied Engineering. Which begs the question, what else has he lifted?

Ghostbusters video game cast update: Alyssa Milano

In this month’s issue of German gaming magazine, PC Action, Terminal Reality executive producer Brendan Goss spoke a bit about the game and the cast – the most interesting reveal was the mention of Alyssa Milano as part of the cast. No word on her role, though it’s not hard to assume she will be voicing the new love-interest and damsel in distress. Thanks to Andreas for the heads up and stay tuned for more info!

Tom Culnan – mechanical effects

Stateofmain recently posted some photos of her father Tom Culnan, who worked on both Ghostbusters films and the Universal Studios Spooktacular, tinkering on a Slimer mechanism. There’s also a picture of her as a young girl with a skinned, but unpainted Onion Head. She’s not sure if it’s a prototype or not, though she does say it’s a possibility. Sadly her use of the past tense suggests Mr. Culnan is no longer with us – but given her pictures of attending the recent midnight showing of Ghostbusters in her area, she’s very proud of the role he played in the biggest comedy goin’. I’m sure we all appreciate her sharing those memories with us.