Ghostbusters video game to have strat guide

Looks like – while it still bears the Fall release date of the Ghostbusters video games (online retailers will maintain the last sell date forever until they hear otherwise, mind you), this listing at Gamestop is taking pre-orders for a series of Prima guides for the various platforms. Twenty-bucks and you too can get some hardcopy help! From Prima’s official site;

•Want an unlicensed accelerator? Proton Packs, Ecto Goggles, and various other tools of the spectral trade detailed so you can bust better.
•Tobin’s Spirit Guide: Files on every ghost, demon, and phantasm you’ll encounter so you don’t get slimed before your time.
•Covers: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, and PS2 versions all in one guide!

As an aside, if Prima is reading, I have experience writing video-game related materials, I’m a massive Ghostbusters nerd, and I’m clever (“hardcopy help” c’mon… that’s gold!) – please hire me.

Thanks to Ryan LeClair for the spot!