Don LaFontaine 1940-2008

You’re heard the voice. Maybe not on the Ghostbusters trailer in a theater, but it’s on the DVD. And THAT voice has been in hundreds of trailers. And then there were the commercials!

Don LaFontaine
was THE movie trailer voice over king. If it started with “In a world…” it was probably Don. His menacing set-up in the Ghostbusters trailer gave just the right spooky edge to the comedy clips to follow – because of him, people went into the theater knowing that it was going to be more than just laughs.

Sadly, Don had been, by his own accounts, battling complications from surgery last year, and it looks like it caught up with him. Don passed away last night from a collapsed lung. That he (this is unconfirmed, mind you) got to narrate the game trailer makes us incredibly fortunate, while the world of cinema has lost one of its major contributors. Watching the trailers before the movie just won’t be as much fun any more.

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