To Be Announced: Sony has landed new game partner

Those of you who have read PC long enough will know that I despise rumour without foundation – it’s kind of a hard distinction to make, between good rumour and bad rumour. For me to report it here, I have to take into account who’s reporting the rumour (do I know them? do I trust their instincts in this matter?), what the rumour is (what information do we know? does the rumour corroborate other info, or at least seem to make some sense?), and where the source is (“some guy” doesn’t go far, but “someone official” does.)

So, get ready (and those of you who opted to rant, even when it was explained that corporate dealings are weird, lengthy, and make no sense on a logical human level.

Someone at official at Sony emailed me over the weekend – Sony should be announcing shortly (no date, but let’s say in the next two weeks, maybe) that they are in the final steps of locking in their new publishing partner for the Ghostbusters video game.

I can’t use names, or at least I’m pretty certain I can’t, but I can confirm this is from an official track and that they summed up the matter thus;

We are close to announcing the new video game partner. It’s been a wild last couple weeks. Tell the fans all will be okay. The game will have to ship in 2009. Even if we had a partner on board in august, it’s almost impossible to meet the oct date. The game has to go thru various approvals at sony playstation, microsoft, nintendo. Retailers cannot react as well, tv ad space is closed. Lastly, we are also going to use the time to work and fine tune development of the game.

In longhand, that means that as expected, finding a new partner was inevitable – the game wasn’t in serious danger of not coming out. However, by changing dance partners, it became inevitable that the October date would not be met. As a side effect, retailers effectively have to put the game aside until a new official release date is announced. Plus, TV ad space that was lined up has to be dropped, and the process for setting up new ad space started. All of this pushes the game into 2009, though we don’t know when yet – Halloween is a great time to put it out, but is Sony willing to wait a full year? Maybe not. BUT, and this is the silver lining the pessimistic refuse to accept, extra time means extra effort put into the game. This means more refinement, likely more content, and maybe even more features.

Now, remember what I said about info interacting and corroborating other info; well, I didn’t get to see the Ecto-1 (broken down? maaaaaan) and all I got for GB swag was the lanyard strap all PAX passes were given out on, but I did pick up some info that isn’t as solid as above, but it’s still coming from some in-the-know (or at least, way more in the know than you or I), that Sony wasn’t lacking for dance partners in this transition period, to the extent that Sony was able to outright dismiss some suiters as being not right for the task. You want to finally hear a rumour from a guy that tries to avoid them like a plague?…

…Atari or EAP (Electronic Arts Partners) and we’ll know one way or another very soon.

So. What’d you guys do with your long weekend?


For those of you that dig the Rock Band, my pals The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets are going to be featured on the PAX Pack, 3-song DDL pack for this Tuesday – Harmonix is donating money from sales of the pack to Child’s Play, which is a big deal for charity. I got to hear the track, in Rock Band (technically, Rock Band 2) at PAX, and it’s as good as it gets for tracks that aren’t “classic” rock tracks. I even got to hear the band belt it out on stage at the Harmonix booth – lead singer scored 100%. Go figure.

So, all you PC rockers out there interested in supporting PAX and digging some rock from a fellow Ghosthead (lead singer – total GB nerd. Dig it), keep an eye out Tuesday!

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