Bust a ghost, win a gift?

Michael at the NPIMI sent a screengrab of this flash game ad on MySpace, in which you bust ghosts and win a gift. I’ve never seen the ad, so I’m not sure what you get when you click through, but it’s interesting that ad spots lined up for the Ghostbusters game are still rolling out – it bides the time, somewhat, as we wait for more news on the video game.

Has anyone else seen this ad – if so, send me some links!

On a related note, MinnesotaGhost (like Minnesota Fats, only no pool, just ghosts) spotted these promos on a bag of Doritos – I’ve scoured my local 7-11 with no luck (may be just a US thing.) Anybody else seen one? Key flavours – 4 Cheese and Taco.

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