Murray talks Ghostbusters 3 and video game

Making a surprise appearance at Fantastic Fest 2008 to promote City of Amber (in which he plays the Mayor), Bill Murray got questioned (by Ain’t It Cool News, if I understand correctly) about doing a Ghostbusters 3. His answer was funny, but guarded. But not as guarded as I would have expected. He also talks favorably about the upcoming game. It’s not any real new information, unless you count the fact that he isn’t totally against the idea of a third movie, but it rare commentary from Bill Murray on the matter. We hear from Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and even Ivan Reitman all the time, but it’s a treat to get to hear from Bill.

I’m using the official, full clip from Fantastic Fest, but if you want to skip through, the GB parts start at 5 minutes.

Thanks to Daryn (who got it in first) and and the dozens of others of you that sent in the YouTube, MySpace, and AICN links – great stuff!

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