ILM Ghostbusters 2 screening – 1989

Back in 1989, June 17th, the day after Ghostbusters 2 hit theaters, The Marin Arts Council held a special screening of the film. For $35 (in 1989 money – ouch), people were treated to the movie, and some talks from members of the Industrial Light and Magic team that helped bring Ghostbusters 2 to life. The show even featured some of the models, maquettes, and matte paintings used.

Keith was lucky enough to attend and has kindly scanned some of his photos of that day – and the Slimer costume it helped inspire! Thanks Keith! Awesome stuff.

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Überfüllung Geister macht mir ein gutes Gefühl!

Andreas sent in some awesome screengrabs from German TV, where Ray Parker Jr. recently performed… well, lip synced – which is fine! Dude looks good, and we’ve recently heard tell that the man can still jam. The German producers opted for running the recorded track, and then turning on his mic at the end – they make up for it by editing in the video (where the audio is probably coming from) and adding in dancing girls. Now you know what those girly GB costumes are good for!

Bust a ghost, win a gift?

Michael at the NPIMI sent a screengrab of this flash game ad on MySpace, in which you bust ghosts and win a gift. I’ve never seen the ad, so I’m not sure what you get when you click through, but it’s interesting that ad spots lined up for the Ghostbusters game are still rolling out – it bides the time, somewhat, as we wait for more news on the video game.

Has anyone else seen this ad – if so, send me some links!

On a related note, MinnesotaGhost (like Minnesota Fats, only no pool, just ghosts) spotted these promos on a bag of Doritos – I’ve scoured my local 7-11 with no luck (may be just a US thing.) Anybody else seen one? Key flavours – 4 Cheese and Taco.

Re: RGB DVD set – Don’t panic!

If you pre-ordered The Real Ghostbusters DVD set prior to August 6th, there was a tiny error, and Time-Life wants you to know that things are AOK. In short, some of you that ordered may have gotten a card (and I know some of you did) saying you had to contact them or your order would be canceled – it also had a weird release date. As it happens, you weren’t supposed to get those cards – those cards go out to people that have ordered items that are out-of-stock.

The short version is that everything is OK, your order isn’t canceled, and the set is still coming out November 15th.

Important Notice from Time Life:

If you ordered The Real Ghostbusters prior to August 6, 2008

Time Life’s order processor has recently sent out postcards in error to customers that pre-ordered The Real Ghostbusters prior to August 6. The card asks customers to notify Time Life to prevent your order from being canceled. Please be assured, your orders will NOT be canceled. The notices also quoted inaccurate information and ship dates. The expected shipment date for The Real Ghostbusters is still 11-15-08.

Time Life offers its sincerest apologies for the error. These postcards are intended for customers who have ordered out-of-stock products, and the shipping time quoted is Time Life’s restock date for backorders. Time Life is working with their order processing vendor to resolve this glitch.

Thank you for your patience.

Time Life