RGB DVD sneak peek! Now with more video!

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[UPDATE] Time-Life has sent along more video! Including the NEW trailer above. And this is in addition to the exclusive clip they sent earlier in the week! These appear to be clips from the promo DVD we were sent, so now you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out!

Check out four new clips, at the end of this post!

Time-Life was kind enough to send an advanced promotional DVD for the Real Ghostbusters DVD set – the single disc features;

– 2 episodes (Take Two and The Collect Call of Cathulhu)
– The RGB Comic Con trailer
– Featurette “Something Strange In Your Neighborhood: The Creatures of The Real Ghostbusters”
– The visual commentary track for Take Two, with JM Straczynski, Joe Medjuck and Michael C. Gross (plus host and producer of the DVD set, Andy Mangels)
– Episode intros for Janine’s Ghost, Ain’t NASA-Sarily So, The Ghostbusters in Paris, and The Devil to Pay.

I invited the office to join me for some episode viewing at lunch and it was well enjoyed. Plus, we had a quick look at the Creature Feature, which has some AMAZING looks at early concept art for various baddies in the show, and a whole host of interviews with people involved. I think the only draw back is that they reference stuff in the episodes that we as fans are familiar with, but others who aren’t as familiar really wanted to see an example of. But then, they just need to go watch the shows! This is, after all, a set for the extremely well initiated.

I’m off to have a look at the commentary track – sadly, I can’t show you anything from it just yet, and the art on the box isn’t intended to represent final art, so Time-Life has asked that we not show you. Which is fair – the disc is intended for early reviews and press coverage. It’s not supposed to wow a fanboy (and as a fanboy, I think it’s pretty cool as it is. And by “is”, I mean, “existing at all.”)

Oh, one thing I can say, the show retains the ghost bumpers going to and from commercial breaks (both the Arsensio Hall and goofy voiced ghosts – what does it mean that I hear the bumpers, and it sets off the old ABC “After these messages… we’ll be riiiight baaaack” jingle? That I’m old? Oh, alright, thanks. Jerks.)


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