More Murray on GB3

A big thanks to the hundreds of you that sent in a wild flurry of links about Bill Murray talking up Ghostbusters 3. For the most part, they either cover his City of Ember press conference comments (featured here earlier), or they covered Murray out promoting City of Ember elsewhere, but saying much the same thing. For now, we’ll just consider it the same comments as before, except for this interesting exchange with MTV;

MTV: Do you like the idea of potentially passing on to a new crop of Ghostbusters?

Murray: Well, I think it’d be funny to have a girl Ghostbuster. We don’t have a girl Ghostbuster. I mean, they say like, “What if you passed it to Chris Rock?” And I go “Well, I dunno. Is Chris Rock gonna save us?” You know, I guess. He’s funny.

MTV: You want Dana Barrett to have a proton pack — is that what you’re saying?

Murray: No, I just think there’s some funny girls I’d love to see be Ghostbusters.

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