Master Replicas make it official! But officially what?

GBFans caught the latest announcement from Master Replicas, which confirms what has been mostly hinted at until this point – that they would be producing Ghostbuster prop replicas. What wasn’t known, and remains unknown, is what props they would be making.

“We are extremely excited to be able to enter the Ghostbusters paranormal world”, explains CEO Michael Cookson “If you’ve always dreamed owning an officially licensed “unlicensed nuclear accelerator” or are just looking for innovative collectibles that will remind you of the legendary antics of Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston, the Master Replicas range will offer a wealth of choices.”

They mention that besides some classic and entirely expected props, they would be throwing in some “surprises” as well, but we won’t know more until they announce their prop line-up, on Halloween. Stay tuned.

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