More peeks at the Blu-Ray collectors set

A month back we had a tiny look at the Blu-Ray two-disc collectors pack, containing both Ghostbusters movies and the small tub of slime that comes with it, but of course we’ve known for awhile that the set was due to contain more. And now we can have a tiny look at some of that “more.”

Proving that you should always take a cursory look at all the promotional materials that come in a swag bag, I was cleaning out my office and while tossing out the odds and ends I brought back from PAX, I discovered an ad in VB magazine’s special Comic-Con and PAX 2008 collector’s issue. Sadly, the date still reflects an October release that has been pushed back now, as far as we know, but it’s a nice look at some of the other stuff that comes in the set, such as the collectors cards – and look at that Stay-Puft statue (click for larger version than above)!

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