Ecto and Stay-Puft do Knott’s Halloween

Well, that… blows. It blows. And sucks. It both, paradoxically, blows and sucks at the same time.

Actually, it’s a good thing, I’m just cranky because, having been dropped from its appearance at PAX, because the game’s limbo status made promoting the game questionable (or because it broke down, depending on which story you prefer), the newly restored Ecto-1 still made it’s scheduled appearance at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween festivities, along with giant, inflatable, marshmallow cohort in tow. I so wanted to see the car at PAX – PAX was my best shot at seeing the car. (sigh). It’s probably pretty safe to say that the Ecto will finish it’s non-game related dates, which are;

Oct. 15 – Nov. 1 – Knott’s Scary Farm
(Knott’s Berry Farm; Buena Park, CA)
Nov. 19-30 – L.A. Auto Show
(L.A. Conv. Ctr; Los Angeles, CA)

So, Cali ghostheads, you’ve got ample opportunity to check out the swish new Ecto – don’t miss out!

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