Vivendi Mobile Ghostbusters game is out!

While the official website still says the game is coming soon, a couple of readers already have the game, which came out last Friday (or there abouts) – with Activision dropping the license, it looks like the already completed cellphone game is being snuck out quietly. If you’ve gotten the game, feel free to comment on how it plays, where you got it, and other details that might be of interest to other cellphone owners! Tony and Lanny, cheers for the alert (you accomplished more in an hour than Vivendi did in weeks.)

The US website says the following carriers were intended to have the game; Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. And we know of at least one carrier in Australia.

I’m no longer a tiny-screen cellphone owner, so I will be unable to provide help in this matter – those in the know, as I said before, comment please.

[UPDATE] Here’s a video clip of the game in action – the art is neat, the text is hilariously PG, and overall, it looks like the videogame equivalent of those water basketball games you used to have as a kid. Pump the button to “float” the ball through the water into a basket. Same principle here.

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