Real Ghostbusters DVD set – First Look!


Wow. I’m just going to sit here are stare. I’ll let Time-Life tell us more;

Finally, we’re pleased to be sending you a product shot of the 25-DVD set, “The Real Ghostbusters–The Complete Collection.” As mentioned before this set includes:

–All 147 episodes of “The Real Ghostbusters” and “Slimer! And The Real Ghostbusters.”

–Over 13 hours of bonus material, including: featurettes, on-camera commentaries, episode introductions, interviews with voice actors and series production people, scripts, original art, and much more.

–The DVDs come in 5 separate STEELBOOK sub-sets, each with 5 DVDs (volume 5 has 4 DVDs). Plus, DVD #25 is a bonus DVD with nearly 3 hours of material, including the never-before-seen promotional pilot (with commentary and storyboards).

–A 52-page booklet with exclusive art, RGB trivia and more.

–And, it all comes in the Firehouse box, with lenticular panels.

I hope you like the product shot.

The 25-DVD set is the only way to get the Firehouse package and the 52 page booklet; and, importantly, it’s the only way to get the bonus DVD, which contains the very rare pilot for The Real Ghostbusters.

I include the last bit to clarify – it’s come to light that Time-Life will be releasing a series of volume editions throughout 2009-2010. The first in January will be five discs, 30 episodes, which would suggest another three or four sets by mid-2010. This is a handy option for the casual consumer, but for anyone looking for the full series, it’s likely not the way to go. Besides the lack of key bonus materials and taking nearly two years to complete the full set, it’s not unlikely the final cost will be similar to the collectors set, or close enough that why wouldn’t you want to grab it now. That’s my opinion mind you – I do not have the full details on the volume sets.

[UPDATE] Gord at has some great close-ups of the RGB DVD packaging! Check it out!

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