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These videos have popped up before, particularly The Busboys, who most recently on YouTube (via, which was preceded, I think, by a very degraded VHS copy, which was at the time the only copy anywhere (and I think Paul at Spook Central was to thank for that – I’ll get corrected for it, I know it.)

Regardless, MTV has started putting it’s old library online, and for Ghostbuster’s enthusiasts this means we now have much higher quality copies of Cleaning Up The Town by The Bus Boys and (even rarer) Magic, by Mick Smiley.

Surprising picks, as there is no copy, yet, of Ray Parker Jr’s theme video, nor any videos from Ghostbusters 2, but those may come in time, as MTV goes through its library. We can only hope.


  1. It’s weird to see music videos for pieces that are so familiar.

  2. Yeah, I saw these videos earlier in the week via I’m glad MTV is FINALLY digging through their archives. What would even be a rarer gem is if someone (ANYONE!) could find me a full-length cut of the original Ghostbusters song by Glenn Hughes and Pat Thrall. That would be impressive!

  3. The Magic music video makes me feel kinda funny…

  4. *Anyone figure out how to bypass the encoding to download these yet? I have these videos, however these look better in quality…And even with Mozilla Firefox/Greasemonkey I’m having a hard time downloading them…


  5. Chris, there’s some history here that you may not be aware of. It all started in May 2006 when you put up the link to that crappy copy of the Bus Boys video on YouTube (which has since been taken down). That was the first time that I became aware of that videos’ existence. I don’t know who put that copy on YouTube, or who found it there, but it definitely wasn’t me.

    After that, someone (and I’m sorry I forgot whom) informed me of several videos on (Bus Boys, Smiley, Parker, and Trammps). I never got around to putting up to the links (or or – they all share the same resources), but I did download the videos, which are unfortunately crippled with DRM. (I’ll put up ther links up eventually, but since I’m hosting the videos on my site, there’s no need or great rush. Also, it appears the Parker video in no longer on, though there is a page for it.)

    Luckily, MTV also put them up in their iFilm (now Spike) account, and those videos are DRM-free, although they’re less than 320×240 in image size. Still, they were (and still are) the best and most complete copies available, so I downloaded them and put them up on my site on June 25, 2007 (my birthday, so it’s hard to forget that date), along with links to the originals on iFilm.

    In addition to those four music videos, I found three more on YouTube (Branigan, Trammps version 2, and Wilson), which I downloaded an uploaded to my site – along with a copy of the Brown video I got from somewhere and the Run-DMC video that’s on the fan-made DVD going around (of which I helped created a “2006 Special Edition” that is of better quality and contains more stuff).

    The “recently discovered” copy of the Bus Boys video on YouTube is the copy I’m hosting on my site, which I got from MTV’s iFilms account, as it is the exact same image size, which is less than the standard 320×240.

  6. In short, here are all of the music videos that I know of, all of which I’ve had copies hosted on my site since June 25, 2007.

    * “Ghostbusters” — Ray Parker Jr.
    * “Cleanin’ Up The Town” — The Bus Boys
    * “Hot Night” — Laura Branigan
    * “Magic” — Mick Smiley
    * “Disco Inferno” — The Trammps (2 versions)

    * “Higher And Higher” — Jackie Wilson
    * “On Our Own” — Bobby Brown
    * “Ghostbusters” — RUN-D.M.C.

    I didn’t write this up to toot my own horn or anything, because on my site I fully credit all of the sources where I got the videos from (as I tried to do in my history summary above). I wrote this up just so everyone knows what’s been found and that it’s been found a while ago. Now if anyone finds a music video NOT on the list above, by all means let everyone know :-)

  8. Lanny, Replay Media Catcher (for Windows) works great in getting videos from hard-to-nab sites, such as,, etc. Although you have to pay to use it, if you’d like to try it out first, you can easily find a crack for it online.

    For the record, these new videos on are better than the old ones I have on my site, but not by very much.

    Video: FLV4 240×192.
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps.

    Video: FLV4 320×240.
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps.

    (NOTE: The files originally on a year or so ago were DRM-crippled Windows Media files. I have those downloaded, but can’t do anything with them due to the DRM. Looking at the file size of those files, they appear to be of far greater quality than these new ones.)


    In the year and a half since I downloaded the videos from iFilm/Spike, they updated the copies there. They are now have the exact same copies as on

    Video: FLV4 320×240.
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps.

    What makes the iFilms/Spike copies better is that (1) they have the Ghostbusters music video there, and (2) they can be easily downlaoded in your browser using the links I currently have on my site (in the “Music” section for each film is a page for each song, on which you can find the links). Of course, once I put the new copies on my site, you can download them from there as well. (NOTE: If you use Replay Media Catcher to get the videos, you’ll end up getting the old 240×192 copies, which have the suffix “_240.flv”. If you use the “download” links on my site, you’ll get the new 320×240 files, which have the suffix “_320.flv”.)

    I am right now updating my site with the new copies of the videos and will also put up a “Site Update” blog post when I’m done.

    Now if only I can find a way to remove DRM from the old files I downloaded from a year and a half ago, I’d be a happy camper. (Yes I know there are a few progs out there, but they all require me to have a valid license for the files, which I don’t have.)

    (PS: Sorry Chris for all of these comment posts. I didn’t realize how much work I put into all of this.)

  10. The woman in the magic video looks like my wife! No kidding! Made me feel weird to watch it – damn that Mick Smiley for stealing her!

  11. I’m not exactly sure whether or not I should be creeped out or feel incredibly sad for the guy in the Mick Smiley video.

  12. actually these two videos have been viewable on for at least a year now. Just do a search for Ghostbusters but still, great to see them getting even more visibility.

  13. Wow Laura Branigan is actually pretty sexy…

    also at 6:12 in the “Hot Night” video is that Miguel A. Nunez Jr.? If it is he’s very young in that particular scene.

    Great video’s guys awesome work!

  14. Thanks for posting. I never knew there were videos for these two songs. As a kid I was glued to MTV so I have no idea how I never knew about them but there ya go. Thanks for posting, both Paul and Chris!

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