RGB DVD set delayed (DON’T PANIC) as Time-Life stands by its customers

Anybody who has pre-ordered a copy of the Real Ghostbusters DVD set has or will get a letter from Time-Life – the letter explains that elements of the Firehall box set that were included as extra awesome are adding to the production time of the boxes – This means they do not expect to have sets to ship until November 25th.


They have a plan, that will more than set the matter straight;

We know this will come as a disappointment to many, so we have decided to provide all of our pre-order customers with FREE FedEx Express shipping. Our standard shipping time is 2 weeks, so you will still get your set in the same timeframe (probably sooner)!

When you see all the fantastic features this collection has to offer, we’re sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait. So charge up your proton packs…The Real Ghostbusters is almost here!

A. Davis
Time Life, Customer Care Manager

P.S. The credit or debit card you used to pre-order this set will be charged the week of November 25 when we package your collection to ship.

Please note, this only applies to orders made prior to November 15th (that’s this Saturday!) – anybody holding off until after the 15th can expect delivery around December 10th or later. So, if that’s not a great reason to pre-order, I don’t know what is. Look at it like this – pre-order, use the awesome discount codes Time-Life has offered (SLIMMER in the US and SLIMER in Canada), and get free shipping that will arrive, in all likelihood, quicker than regular shipping.

US Orders Here

Canadian Orders Here

[UPDATE] The SLIMER code works for both US and Canadian pre-orders.

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