Profiles in History to sell Venkman jumps and Terrordog

Profiles In History‘s next Hollywood auction features Bill Murray’s screen-seen jumpsuit and one of the stop-motion maquette Terrordogs used to create the rooftop scene. And they’re really cheap! (Just kidding – No they’re not!)

414. Original khaki “Ghostbuster” jumpsuit from Ghostbusters. (Columbia, 1984) Original khaki ripstop fabric jumpsuit with zippered pockets and “Ghostbuster” logo patch on right shoulder. Marked “TBS” on the inside with “Warner Bros.” barcode label below. This jumpsuit was discovered at Warner Bros. with the included “VENKMAN” (played by Bill Murray) name patch detached and in one of the pockets. Comes with Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity. $5,000 – $7,000

415. Screen-used Terror dog Stop-motion puppet from Ghostbusters. (Columbia, 1984) This is the Terror Dog animation puppet used as Sigourney Weaver’s alter ego in the hit Academy nominated comedy Ghostbusters. The figure is constructed of foam latex and measures 20 in. long and stands 10 in. high. It was designed, sculpted and stop-motion animated by Randall William Cook, who went on to win three Oscars® for his animation supervision of the characters in the Lord of the Rings series. Once the Terror Dog shots were completed, this puppet was stripped from its armature, then touched up, encased and given to visual effects wizard Richard Edlund by the Boss Film Creature Shop. Accompanied with a signed letter of authenticity by Richard Edlund. $12,000 – $15,000

Big thanks to Kristopher for the heads up!

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