Slow playback on certain RGB DVD episodes NOT from PAL masters

Andy Mangels, cartoon DVD wizard and the mad genius behind the RGB DVD sets post on PC to clarify that the slow, surreal playback on some episodes/discs from the set, are not because the came from PAL masters;

I can guarantee you that they are not, and I don’t know why Paul thinks they are different.

I spent 10 days at Technicolor going through over 600 1″ Master NTSC tapes, finding the most complete and best set of ORIGINAL masters I could.

These are 100% from NTSC masters, and AS ORIGINALLY AIRED, unless the labels were lying. Some of the ABC shows even had the original commercials in place.

Andy Mangels

Which then begs the question, is it a problem with the encoding the discs themselves? Is it a problem with the whole disc or just certain episodes? Are those episodes affected consistent in all sets? As usual, the comments are there for everyone to help provide feedback.

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