Sony and Microsoft kiss and make up for Netflix sake

With the recent update of the Xbox 360 dashboard, which now allows Xbox users to stream Netflix films to their gaming system, a small hitch arose. Netflix had a distribution agreement with Sony and their Columbia-Tristar film catalog and now those films would be available to consumers who bought the competitor to Sony’s PS3 system.

Well, money talks, and as fast as it began, the issue is mostly resolved – older Sony titles, including Ghostbusters, are now available to Xbox users, while newer titles, such as Superbad, are not. Which, if you read between the lines and take a good guess, means Sony wants to hold their newer, hotter titles for their own potential PS3 use (or want people to buy on Blu-Ray/DVD), but older titles, particularly one that will soon have a game one EVERY gaming system (and thus creates more revenue for Sony), are there for the taking.

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