Atari-Sony talk game – reveal something cool

Kotaku has gotten the official press release on the Ghostbusters video game, which only confirms everything we already know. But official makes it… official. Right?

They also say they have new screens, which means two images, one of which looks like one we’ve seen before, though I can’t be certain – I’m confident you eagle-eyes out there will let us know.

But what was really interesting came at the end;

To recognize this special milestone, Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc has licensed the property for several new products to commemorate the anniversary, including: video games, toys, t-shirts, comic books, prop replicas, and a theme park attraction.

Reeeeeeeeally? I’m listening…

Thanks to Brendan for the heads-up.

Mystery solved – No money in it, says Activision-Blizzard

For everyone that asked, “Is Activision crazy? Why did they drop Ghostbusters the Video Game?”, we now have an answer. While speaking to Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, a financial analyst asked a similar question. The answer is that the company does not see any way to generate post-release revenue with the game, like they can with Guitar Hero’s DLC.

The games Activision Blizzard didn’t pick up, he said, “don’t have the potential to be exploited every year on every platform with clear sequel potential and have the potential to become $100 million dollar franchises. … I think, generally, our strategy has been to focus… on the products that have those attributes and characteristics, the products that we know [that] if we release them today, we’ll be working on them 10 years from now.”

So, there you go – money.

Ghostbusters as propaganda

Man, Ghostbusters continues to show up on British radio programs. I think they drop references to it at least as much as North America.

In this case, it’s in the pilot episode of Undone (2006), which is about a woman that moves to London, only to discover she has the unique talent of being able to move between the real worlds and the similar, but stranger flip-side version, Undone. In this particular bit, her mentor, and Undone border cop, Tankerton Slopes, reveals a little something about the efforts to keep the two worlds apart.

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We Are Legion – Seth Rogan Part 2

There’s no question that Seth Rogan is a died-in-the-wool ghosthead, but it’s always nice to hear more. In this case, Rogan was asked for his top five movies, and Ghostbusters got the nod.

That was just good ol’ high-concept fun. Evan and I always like to take ridiculous situations and handle them as though they were real. That’s kind of where the idea of Pineapple Express came from. These ridiculous action movie situations and you handle it just how two idiots would handle it. And that’s kind of what Ghostbusters did. It’s a ridiculous concept but it was handled very much, “How would four dudes do that, you know?” And it’s great. I love that movie.