They said I was mad! Bwah-ha-ha!

[Argh – this post was lost when the site was migrated to another server. So, I’ll see if I can reproduce it, but it may be a little truncated. Still, a small price to pay, as the connection errors have ceased and the site is faster than it’s been in months.]

Awhile back when I was suffering a combination of whimsy and extroversion, I suggested that Ghostbusters would be a fun, audience participation movie, similar to The Rocky Horror Picture show – fans dress up already, so why not?

The response was mostly positive, while a few thought the idea was in its own way worse than nuclear war and cancer combined, and those that didn’t shout it down immediately should be chemically castrated.

Well, imagine my pleasant surprise that another group had a similar thought – Secret Cinema held it’s London meeting on November 28th, turning the Royal Horticultural Hall into a series of Ghostbusters related installations, complete with actors manning them, while the audience was encouraged to dress 80s and laugh along to the film.

Better yet, the Nokia sponsored event drew an attendance record for the Secret Cinema – 1100 people came out to interact with a highly interactive film.

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