TeamXbox interviews Terminal Reality

In no time at all since announcing the deal between Sony and Atari, and hot on the heels of today’s trailer, TeamXbox sat down with Terminal Reality Executive Producer Brendan Goss and Producer Michael Fetterman, to talk about what’s in store for the upcoming Atari title. They also talk a bit about what happened with Activision and the period of transition.

Obviously Rick Moranis comes up a lot since he was the one guy we weren’t able to get in the time frame we had based on availability and everything else, and that certainly open for discussion again now. No guarantees, but the game hasn’t shipped yet.

It’s not very long, but well worth the read, so check it out – and a small note to TeamXbox; anybody writing for an Xbox news website should be very careful tossing the “nerd” label around like that. I’m just saying. (narf)

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