Don’t forget DS

While the next-gen goodness in the trailer dominated the day, there was plenty more Ghostbusters gaming info that came out of the Atari press conference – a whole bunch of DS and Wii commentary has popped up;


There’s the main quest which is modeled after the plot of the console versions of Ghostbusters (minus the Rookie character), and a series of side quests that help the Ghostbusters earn cash to afford weapon and technology upgrades. Questing also builds up the Reputation score – if this score drops to zero, it’s game over.


To get to a mission, you will actually drive the Ecto-1. Yes, you drive the car in this game! You can even turn on the sirens! The camera switches will be pointed at the rear of the Ecto-1 as you drive through the city trying to reach your destination. You’ll be on a time limit, but there’s a map you can follow on the top screen so you can see the best routes to your objective. The Ecto-1 also has a proton beam on it that you can actual fire while driving. Just tap on the screen and your proton beam will shoot out at where you’re touching. Oh and the Ghostbusters theme song plays every time you drive.


Its developers like to describe it as “X-COM light.” If you haven’t played X-COM, it’s a classic, tactical PC game that splits its time between managing bases/personell and isometric combat. A big difference, though, is that action unfolds in real-time in Ghostbusters, whereas it was turn-based in X-COM.

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