Busting makes him feel good. Going bust does not.

Mr. Hartman sent in a YouTube link to a clip of old-school poker ace Doyle Brunson, which has a brief glimpse of his good luck topper, a zippo he calls Casper (but features the No-Ghost logo) – where he got it and why he considers it lucky isn’t clear, but apparently he was renting it out at the World Series of Poker for $100 an hour!

The black zippo is one he’s had for awhile, and doesn’t look like the cheap, unofficial ones constantly for sale on eBay (his ghost looks like it’s upside-down on the bottom, the cheap ones have the logo on them right-side up on the bottom, and are silver in colour.) The zippo is engraved “Dolly” on the flip-top, which is short for his nickname, Texas Dolly, which he earned when a tournament announcer incorrectly read “Texas Doyle”. It just goes to show, you can’t pick your own nickname – it never sticks.

[UPDATE] At the 2005 World Series of Poker, the 75-year-old Doyle sold the zippo to poker pro Howard Lederer for $3500. Lucky zippo indeed!

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