Kikizo interview with Terminal Reality

Kikizo has an interview with Terminal Reality dudes, Drew Haworth and the incredibly misidentified Mike Fetterman (not Mike Douglas. Just substitute Fetterman every time they say Douglas.) It’s a good read, particularly for those of you that don’t see the benefit of waiting until Summer 09 to get the game.

Haworth: We’re no exception – we’re very happy with the interval. Some of the cinematics need work, and we’re adding a more fluid animation system for the NPCs, working on the sound levelling, and for the most part just improving the experiential aspect of the game. Pacing can be changed, stuff like that, but we haven’t added any new features, just improved on features.

Douglas: We’re not going crazy with it. At the time the transition actually happened, we were actually pretty close to being near final, so what we’re doing is we’re making a pass through all the levels, taking a good hard look at every single one, to make sure they all have the same attention to detail, the variety of gameplay… not just fighting ghost after ghost after ghost but there will be environmental interactions, puzzles and other interesting things to do that are within the remit of what Ghostbusters are expected to do… We’re just pushing that through all the levels, really taking the time to do it right.

Big thanks to Mr. X for the tip (and pointing out the Fetterman issue – I’m so sleepy right now, I would have started calling him Mike Douglas too.)

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