Ho ho ho!

Happy holidays and an awesome New Year, everyone!

(check out the film scout blog that the image came from, here. And thanks to Aaron for the heads up!)

It’s been a busy 2008, with some big steps forward and then a couple of steps back, and then some big steps forward again – both for Ghostbusters and for Proton Charging (Ghostbusters the video game had to do some last minute publisher hunting and PC’s code was starting to show its age – but the game has a new home at Atari and PC is humming away happily, thanks to a WordPress template overhaul by Chad at Ghostbusters.net!)

I will be online from time to time – I haven’t had an xmas holiday yet that didn’t have at least one thing to post – but for the most part I will be laying low. So, stay warm everyone, and enjoy the break!

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