GB PC game specs released? Yes. Not accidentally.

AJ Quick at has come upon a generally unknown Atari webpage which is being put together in anticipation of the demo release for the PC version of the Ghostbusters video game. Assuming they are the final specs (and not placeholders from a different game, intended to be replaced before going public), they are informative. Support for an Xbox 360 controller is nice, for those not wanting to use keyboard and mouse like a proper old school PC player. Represent!

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows® XP
CPU: Dual-core Any Intel® or AMD® or faster
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400 512 MB or ATI®Radeon® X1300 512 MB, Shader 3.0 Required
Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible
Hard Drive: 9 GB or more available hard drive space
Disc Drive: DVD-ROM drive.
Input: Keyboard and Mouse or Xbox 360® compatible controller
DirectX® 9.0c

Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows® XP, Windows Vista™
CPU: Dual-core Any Intel® or AMD® or faster
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 512 MB or ATI® Radeon® HD2900 512 MB, Shader 3.0 Required
Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible
Hard Drive: 9 GB or more available hard drive space
Disc Drive: DVD-ROM drive
Input: Keyboard and Mouse or Xbox 360® compatible controller
Direct X:DirectX® 9.0c

Fun PC Direct X tip – there are different versions of 9c, so just because you have a version of 9c, don’t assume it the one you need, and you should install the Direct X drivers when prompted. Also, Direct X 10, which comes on Vista, sounds a lot like it’s more than 9c, but no… it’s not. So, if you have a Vista system with 10, you should still install 9c on the game disc. Fun! Boring! But it’ll save some of you some frustration, I’ll bet.

And no word yet as when the demo will be released, but typically it will be in the month prior to game release, provided they’re not waiting until after release to put the demos out (which does happen sometimes.)

[UPDATE] Paul points out the page (link added above) has a couple of new screenshots as well as the new forum (after the short-lived Sierra forum was yanked.)

Game Reactor posts series of Ghostbusters interviews/clips

Andreas and Santar sent in separate links to a couple of interviews Game Reactor had with various notables at Terminal Reality and Red Fly Studios. The clips have game footage as well!

Creative Director, Terminal Reality, Andrew Haworth

Audio Director, Red Fly Studios, James Barker

One more time – Please try and avoid posting links to new news items in the comments of old posts. Email me. That’s how we keep things organized. I’m looking at you, Santar.

Video game website back online is now back online, sporting the Atari logo, but essentially the same. I’m not 100% certain, but it looks as if they removed the account system – previously, you had to have an account to play the games and have your results stored. Now there doesn’t seem to be any login link and the sign-up link (the poster in the top left) appears to be merely a mailing-list sign-up. Thanks to Andreas to the heads up.

[UPDATE] The final scene of the trailer on the site features a new Venkman shot and line. Why is Egon smirking?

[UPDATE] The new clips is at the end of the trailer on the US site. Those of you clicking through to the other, International sites, you will still see the old teaser Sierra made. So if you want to see the new clip, go to the US site.

Spook Central event – Jan. 29th

[UPDATE] Paul has let the cat out of the bag – the event is a Ustream screening of Ghostbusters, as it aired on ABC 20 years ago today. The screening will include the original commercials (retro!), but more importantly, this is one of the fews times since the original airing that most people will get to see the alternate takes used to remove the bad words (ie Mr. Pecker becomes Wally Wick.) The links to the streaming will be up on Spook Central, about a half-hour to 20 minutes before showtime.

Without going into details just now (maybe tomorrow – I’ve been asked to keep shush), try and clear a couple of hours starting at 8PM EST (5PM PST) for a special event. You should have the latest Flash version installed and if you’d like to chat with GBFans members directly, you should make sure you have an account. Check back here tomorrow, or go to Spook Central, for an important link.

I will hopefully be able to attend, but 5PM PST isn’t when I’m at home, typically.

From Spook Central – come join us! Password is “Ghostbusters”

Ghostbusters, as originally broadcast on ABC on Sunday January 29, 1989
(presumably at either 8:00 or 9:00 PM EST)

* When: Thursday January 29, 2009 at 8:00 PM EST (20th anniversary)
* Viewing Options: (in order of preference, video password = ghostbusters)
1. With GBFans Chat on Side (req. 1024×768 screen res. or larger)
2. Video By Itself (click here to launch GBFans chat separately in a new window)
3. Video By Itself on UStream (launches in a new window)
* Requirements: Flash plugin installed in your browser (chances are you have it already), and a Ghostbusters Fans account for the live chat.
* Note: This is a one-time-only live internet re-broadcast.

Many thanks to AJ Quick of GBFans for his help, and for loaning me his chat room.